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Why Your Choice Of A Criminal Defense Attorney Is So Important

Navigating the criminal justice system is like trying to find your way through a maze. You'll face many choices along the way, but you can't reap the benefits of those choices if you don't understand where they will take you. And if you make a wrong turn at any point, you could end up at a dead end.

One of the biggest choices is also among the first you should make: hiring a criminal defense attorney. This single decision can have a major impact on the direction of your case – which, in turn, can affect you for the rest of your life.

What should you look for in a good defense lawyer?

1. Someone with experience.

Criminal defense can't be learned in a book. Only experience – spending time in court, day in and day out, fighting for the rights of the accused – can produce the skills and intuitions necessary for an effective defense.

For example, every lawyer learns the basic rules of evidence and procedure in law school. But knowing how to examine the evidence with a critical eye – spotting weaknesses and missing pieces – takes experience. Likewise, it takes experience to know how each judge likes things done and how each prosecutor handles their cases.

Attorney Vicki Hutchinson in Danbury, Connecticut, has this experience. Over the course of more than three decades, handling thousands of criminal cases in state and federal courtrooms, she has built a powerhouse of skills that less experienced lawyers simply can't match. Because she focuses solely on criminal defense, she has in-depth knowledge that isn't diluted by other areas of practice.

2. Someone who's tried cases.

Not all cases go to trial, but many do. And preparing each case as though it were going to trial is essential for fortifying a strong position – one that can yield more fruitful negotiations.

Lawyer Hutchinson isn't afraid to challenge the prosecution at trial. She knows how to present a compelling case to judges and juries. This trial experience also gives her insight to know when it might be in your best interest to avoid trial. As a skilled negotiator, she can leverage strengths in your case to pursue the best outcome for your situation, whether that means trial or settlement.

3. Someone who will go to bat for you.

Experience can be measured in numbers: years, cases, trials, acquittals and the like. But another trait of successful defense lawyers can't be so easily measured: their commitment to clients and their willingness to go the extra mile.

For attorney Hutchinson, this commitment is one of the defining features of her career. She takes the time to truly understand each case – not just as a legal matter, but also as a personal one that stands to have a big impact on your life. She will listen to your concerns and recognize what's important to you. Put simply, she will go to bat for you, unafraid to take on powerful opponents and determined to put her best foot forward for your rights, freedoms and future.

Feel Confident Knowing You're Making The Right Choice

With attorney Vicki Hutchinson on your side, you can face even the most challenging of charges with confidence knowing your case is in good hands. Get started with a confidential consultation by calling 203-778-2797 or reaching out online.

Get Experience. Get Commitment. Get Strength.

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