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Vicki Hutchinson, Attorney at Law
Standing Up For The Rights Of The Accused In Connecticut Criminal Defense | State And Federal Charges

About Defense Attorney Vicki Hutchinson

For more than 30 years, Vicki Hutchinson, Attorney at Law, has built a career on one principle: upholding the rights of the accused against the enormous power of the government. She devotes her practice to defending people from all walks of life against all types of criminal charges. By standing between you and the government, she will level the playing field, ensuring that your rights don't get trampled.

"I'm committed to standing up for everyday people. We all make mistakes, but that doesn't deprive us of our right to due process. Everyone deserves a fair chance to fight the charges and take advantage of the legal options available to them." — Attorney Vicki Hutchinson

Based in Danbury, Connecticut, attorney Hutchinson helps people. Learn more about her background:

What Sets Her Apart

Your choice of defense attorney can make a big difference in your case. Why choose attorney Hutchinson?

  • Experience: Just as a warrior becomes skilled only by spending time on the battlefield, so, too, a criminal defense lawyer must spend time in the battlefield of court. Attorney Hutchinson has spent decades in courtrooms, building an expansive repertoire of trial skills and earning a respected reputation among judges and prosecutors alike. Her experience handling thousands of cases gives her the instincts that can't be learned in a book.
  • Attention: You will never get lost in the shuffle. From day one, attorney Hutchinson will take the time to truly understand your case. She will explain your options and keep you informed so you know what to expect each step of the way. You can always reach out to her with questions or concerns.
  • Dedication: Your case matters. Attorney Hutchinson will invest the time and effort necessary to put the strongest foot forward. She knows what's at stake. Your reputation, freedom and future may all be on the line. Here, you will be in good hands.
  • Tenacity: When facing criminal charges, you need a lawyer who isn't afraid to challenge the prosecution – and attorney Hutchinson will step up to the plate. She will fight for you with the determination it takes to get the job done.

Make The Right Choice

Don't let another day go by without enlisting the strong legal advocate you need to get your case moving in the right direction. Discuss the next steps with attorney Hutchinson by calling 203-778-2797. You can also reach out online.

Get Experience. Get Commitment. Get Strength.

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